First Dutch is a conglomerate focused on enhancing employment, innovation and sustainability.

Through our high-value network, knowledge and expertise we build and develop companies that make the world a smarter and more responsible place. In doing so, we constantly strive to create the right balance between long-term social, environmental and economic value.

First Dutch comprises numerous affiliated businesses, which are currently united under three brands COUNT, FDI and Rotterdam Port Fund:

COUNT is a global trading and logistics platform contributing to a sustainable future. By connecting trading & logistics, COUNT aspires to optimise supply chains, from sourcing to distribution, in a way that ensures access to resources in the most efficient and effective manner. In doing so, COUNT looks to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value for both its COUNT Companies and their customers.

The platform consists of an international group of COUNT Companies. These companies operate under their own name but collaborate together to create an integrated network of activities.

As COUNT we act as an aggregator, assisting the COUNT Companies in both buying businesses and building better businesses, while focusing on long-term value creation.

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FDI is an innovative enterprise in the Netherlands that enhances growth of innovative companies and brings new valorisations to the market. The main purpose of the merged company is to enhance innovation an employment in the innovative sector in the Netherlands.

FDI currently has innovative companies in a variety of sectors. Our goals is to become the leading enterprise in the Netherlands that brings innovation and entrepreneurship together in an open environment.

By working in close cooperation with the knowledge based institutions in the Netherlands FDI wants to further expedite and enhance progress of innovative companies and brings multiple new valorisations to the market.

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First Dutch, co-founder and cornerstone investor Rotterdam Port Fund.

Apart from her own two brands, First Dutch has collaborated with the Port of Rotterdam in founding the Rotterdam Port Fund. With this fund the company aims to further stimulate sustainability and innovation within the port-economy.

The Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund, that aims to invest in innovative port-related companies with interesting market prospects.

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