Revenue €500+ Mln.

1800+ Employees

30+ companies

Our companies represent a diversified yet complementary group of sustainable and innovative companies.

As an platform First Dutch offers  its experience, expertise and network to their companies  in order to create growth both in operational excellence and cost optimisation. First Dutch comprises numerous affiliated businesses, currently united under two brands: COUNT and First Dutch Innovations.

Currently progressing


By connecting origins to markets, organizations to customers and traceability to sustainable development, COUNT ensures global access to premium soft commodities and renewables in the most effective and efficient manner.

The COUNT Trading Companies are positioned as lean and mean companies with extensive knowledge, highly qualified staff and in depth actionable company and market intelligence. They focus and rely on strategic partnerships with suppliers, customers and service providers as they look to de-commoditise traditional supply chain connections.

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COUNT recognises the need for integrated logistics solutions as supply chains have increasingly become more complex and demand driven.

Through its COUNT companies, COUNT offers a platform that provides multimodal logistics services to companies in various industries worldwide. The services include freight forwarding, shipping services, stevedoring, storage, warehousing & distribution and value added services.

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TIC (testing, inspection and certification)

One can identify growing demand for independent certificates, a tendency towards increased and more strict regulations and more outsourcing of TIC-related activities by companies, all of which has boosted the international TIC-sector. Recent examples include Volkswagen’s emission scandal, which has emphasised the need for independent testing, inspection and certification. First Dutch Innovations has a strong position in the global metrology sector with renowned companies such as VSL and NMi, and we aim to expand our stake in the TIC industry in the coming years.

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The world’s rapidly multiplying population is increasingly living longer, and healthier. Diseases are becoming classified as ‘chronic’ rather than ‘terminal’ while there is a growing attention for and knowledge about the development and testing of substances in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Several First Dutch Innovations companies possess and are constantly developing such important and unique information. First Dutch Innovations aims to contribute to progress in the life science and e-health sector with its current as well as future portfolio companies.

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Following global trends such the increased scarcity of fossil fuels and global warming, there is growing demand for sustainable alternative resources. Building on extensive experience in the energy sector, First Dutch Innovations welcomes the latest developments within the sustainable energy sector and welcomes the opportunity to help new initiatives progress into successful companies in this rapidly changing environment.

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In today’s disruptive era you sometimes have to be daring to perform.

Peter Goedvolk