I have developed a profound interest in sustainability and innovation over the course of time.

When I took my first steps as an independent entrepreneur 33 years ago, I got a tremendous kick out of it. My goal was to create a healthy, strong and, moreover, big company. So you get started without knowing where it will end up. In 2013 there it was, a company operating all over the world and turning over $20 billion. A good moment to consider something new. I sold the shares and started up my new activities in 2015.

While I was active through my former businesses in the old economy, as it is known, my interest for sustainability and innovation increased over the course of time. For a while I felt the most effective approach would be to tread carefully but in today’s disruptive era where we need revolutionary ideas to drive us forward, you sometimes have to be daring to perform.

The companies I have been involved in of late are doing well, but I think it can be better and more progressive. This is why we are setting up a new company, First Dutch. I am very proud as Chairman to be fully focused on First Dutch.

What is First Dutch? First Dutch is a collection of large and small companies and activities managed by independent leaders. Our model sees strong CEOs running the individual companies in their own way, with our team available to assist them where needed. We take care of the allocation of the funds and can organise support in the broadest sense of the word so that each company can concentrate on its core activities. First Dutch thereby aims to bring business, sustainability, social responsibility and innovation together in a way that is in keeping with the era of today.

We expect entrepreneurship from the CEOs and their companies with an eye on sustainability and the power of innovation. Innovation and social responsibility will be the nerve that runs through the organisation and this will go far beyond technical improvement. It may take place in areas like HRM, marketing and finance but to be really innovative and social responsible, this must be embodied as the driving force in every fibre of the companies. Everyone should be aware that in 2020 a company will have to be different to what it is in 2018.

You can expect the First Dutch organisation to become the leading innovative and social responsible companies with head offices in the Netherlands, engaged in many valorisations and prominent in various segments. The company will be involved in multiple valorisations and in multiple segments in general and the supply chain of renewables and feedstock in particular. The organisation will be innovative not only in its market approach but also in how it is managed. Our common objective at First Dutch is to create and stimulate employment, innovation, sustainability and social responsibility in the Netherlands.

I certainly intend to put everything into this, and it is definitely a new chapter in my life as an entrepreneur. We are really enchanted by the name First Dutch, because Dutch industry has for centuries stood for entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable thinking.

I have every confidence that First Dutch will be, in addition to a reliable business partner, a magnet and catalyst for other entrepreneurs, start-ups, the scientific and financial worlds as well as other stakeholders. In short, a powerful large concern borne by individual entrepreneurship!

Peter Goedvolk

Rotterdam, 31 March 2017